The Big Oak, Circa 1680, Thomasville


Perhaps the most famous landmark in Thomasville, the Big Oak (Live Oak Quercus virginiana) is thought to be around 330 years old. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a frequent visitor to Thomas County’s hunting plantations and a photography buff himself, once had his driver stop at the tree while he made a picture from a neighboring front porch.


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11 responses to “The Big Oak, Circa 1680, Thomasville

  1. Tim Hunley

    I used to play under that tree when visiting my Grandmother’s. One on Love Street and the other lived across the street from Camelia Gardens Nursing Home.

  2. Penelope S. Richardson

    Could I purchase a color photograph of the old oak suitable for framing? Please contact me through email address, re: sizes and prices.
    Penelope S. Richardson

  3. Joan Hawkins

    not real sure there is a spot where you can stand a get a full shot.

  4. Joan Hawkins

    The Biig Oak in Thomasville is a lot bigger than it looks in this picture.

  5. When in Savannah, venture out to the “Majestic Oaks” subdivision off of LaRoche Avenue and take a gander at the tree that is the namesake for that subdivision… it makes this one in Thomasville look like a baby. The limbs on the Savannah tree touch the ground somewhere between 35′ and 45′ from the trunk and then grow back upwards again.

  6. Quincy Webb

    I was raised under the old Live Oaks of South Ga. brings back A lot of memories!

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