Single-Pen Tenant Farmhouse, Irwin County


Many likely pass this house every day and never notice it. I’ve been photographing it for over six years and it never ceases to amaze me.


The wooden shingles have survived against all odds.


Update: As of late summer 2018, this iconic house has collapsed.


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3 responses to “Single-Pen Tenant Farmhouse, Irwin County

  1. John M

    There was an almost identical small tenant house on our farm about 7 miles southwest of Hawkinsville when I was growing up there in the 1940s and early ’50s.
    In the yard was an open well and the house was surrounded by several pecan trees, some fig trees and peach and pear trees. The ditches along the unpaved clay road were always abundant with blackberries and wild plums. Life was hard but rewarding in its own way for those who lived there.
    Thanks for preserving these places in your wonderful photos.

    • Bill Hoover

      Typically of small farmyards thru out south….much like farm I grew up on . Add pecan, apple, strawberries and of course nearby woods always offered huckleberry and perhaps an occasional chinquapin tree or walnut.

  2. I appreciate your vision. Documenting the “vanishing” is a way to preserve it. These pictures are an important part of America’s heritage.

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