Gabled-Ell Farmhouse, McTier



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4 responses to “Gabled-Ell Farmhouse, McTier

  1. ryanware

    I remember those awnings too. They had to be tough as nails, so I’m guessing they just fell out of fashion, or required a lot of work to reinstall when a house was resided or whatnot.

  2. I lived in south Georgia, Leesburg, until I was six and then we moved to Florida. I love your blog.

    I wish you would add an RSS feed widget so that I could have news of new posts fed to my iGoogle page. Then I could visit and catch up when I had time. I am ending my email subscription because it’s too many posts daily and weekly. The problem with that is I will gradually stop coming. The best way to follow a lot of blogs is through RSS feeds (the striped orange symbol); every time I open Google, below the search box are dozens of blog feeds showing me the most recent three posts.

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