The Crescent, 1899, Valdosta

It serves as the centerpiece of the Valdosta Garden Center, which also features beautiful formal gardens and outbuildings, and has played host to countless weddings and formal functions over the years. It’s open to the public Monday through Friday from 2 PM to 5 PM, but closed during major holidays and private events.


Damon Olson, who spent five years in college at Valdosta State, reminded me that a photo of the Crescent was used for many years on the box of Winn-Dixie’s “Georgia Crackers” brand.


If you’re ever in Valdosta, stop by and walk around the grounds.


It’s definitely worth a visit.

National Register of Historic Places





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4 responses to “The Crescent, 1899, Valdosta


    I grew up next door. Many memories of climbing the old Oak trees.
    Glad it was saved from the wrecking crew.
    Richard Albriton
    Blythewood, SC

  2. William H. Whatley (GA Tech 1952)_

    I am a Georgia Architect and I cannot believe that this structure was ever slated for demolition. it is a treasure and should be preserved for the future.

  3. Such an asset to Valdosta. Garden club meetings, weddings, receptions, Decorated at Christmas time by each club, lovely.

  4. One of my favorite places. Loving your blog.

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