Edwin Smith House, 1888, Sycamore

sycamore ga edwin smith house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2012

I received sad news this morning (2 May 2016) that this house, a longtime favorite of mine and a Sycamore landmark, burned last night. According to owner Chris NeSmith, it was built in 1888 by Edwin and Marianna Smith. They came to Sycamore from Somerton, Virginia,  when the railroad was connecting here.

sycamore ga edwin smith family home vintage photo courtesy chris nesmith

The house was built from timbers harvested nearby to resemble their home in Virginia. The modifications to the front were made in the late 1950s or early 1960s. The photo above is the Smith family in front of the house as it originally appeared.  Below are the ruins of the house as of this morning. Both photos are courtesy of Chris NeSmith.

sycamore ga ruins of edwin smith house photograph copyright chris nesmith 2016

For more about the fire, click here.


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6 responses to “Edwin Smith House, 1888, Sycamore

  1. James lanier

    Sad news.

  2. MaryClyde Wright

    She was a true Southern Lady! So sad she is gone!

  3. This was last used as a backdrop for a low-budget horror film The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie that was released in 2013. It was crazy to see that wonderful house lit up so eerily during the filming!

  4. RhondaS

    I have driven by soooo many times, always telling whoever may have been with me…..I need to bring my camera next time and take pictures of this old house before they decide to tear it down.

  5. I am sure it once was a beautiful home

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