Dogtrot House, Laurens County

laurens county ga dogtrot house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

This dogtrot is located just north of Dublin on US 441 and has been in the same family for generations. They’ve done a wonderful job maintaining it and it’s one of the best examples of its kind in the state.

laurens county ga dogtrot photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010



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11 responses to “Dogtrot House, Laurens County

  1. Pamela

    One of my favorite houses on the way to the VA in Dublin. I always slow down to see it as I pass. I simply love it.

  2. Bill Hoover

    Seen this house here for 65 yrs at least…pics look like it may have had a little restoration work compared to what I remember from 60 yrs ago…but def been there a long long time…looked ancient when I can first remember it

  3. Joanne Summers

    I firmly believe this is the dogtrot cabin my grandmother grew up in for part of her childhood. Is there anyway to find out if it was ever owned by Reuben and Miranda Jane Nash?? Miranda Jane (Jennie) was the daughter of W. T. and Olive Dupree of Nicklesville, Wilkinson County. The Nash/Dupree Family cemetery is not terribly far away just off 441.

  4. Alan

    I grew up less than a mile from that house. Between where Chad lived and the house in the picture. At that time Chad’s civil war house was owned by the Geeslin’s. I am now 67 and the house in the picture has been in that same location as long as I can remember.

  5. Chad Thomas

    This home is actually north of Dublin on Hwy 441. I am 38 years old and always remember this Dogtrot being there. Several years ago someone cleaned the place up. I grew up about 2 miles farther north at the corner of 441 & 338. The home i was raised in was said to be the oldest inhabited house in Laurens county. My parents sold the circa 1810 house several years ago to a young family who have taken great care of it. There were blood stains on the second floor from an injured civil war soldier, so the story goes. I remember when the “kitchen & weave room” was set up on a basement and our “tenant house” was created in the early 80’s. Check it out next time your traveling up 441. Keep up the great work.

  6. jenna oliver

    This is a great picture of this old dog trot house! I am not from georgia i’m from arkansas. We bought an 1800s dog trot in 2009. The front of the dog trot was already enclosed with glass and wood with the feont porch still standing and the back of the dog trot open with the back porch overhang enclosed and serves as a kitchen, dining area, and walk in closet for the pen we use for the master bedroom. All of the original logs and materials have been well preserved and show in the pens as they have for probably 150 yrs. The doors are even original on the pens.

  7. Cathee Boswell

    I believe this was for sale a few years back as a log cabin that would need to be moved.

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