Cuthbert, Georgia

Founded in 1831 as the seat of the newly created Randolph County, Cuthbert is one of the most architecturally interesting towns in all of South Georgia. From antebellum office buildings to Greek Revival houses, there’s something for nearly every taste. The public square is a beautiful green space where you can sit back and take it all in or if you’re more history-minded visit Greenwood and Eastview cemeteries, where many Confederate veterans and notables are buried.


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6 responses to “Cuthbert, Georgia

  1. Brenda Mankinen Gauthier

    Lived there from 1948-1950 next to Andrew College ! The Iriis Garden are located across the street! Visited my grandparents often who lived there from 1948-1964!! My grandfather Robert H. Johnson owned J&J Veneer Company with Joe Phillips and Jake Daily! Fond memories of times spent there with many old friends !!

  2. Mac Moye

    Your description of why Cuthbert was founded is sort of right. What happened was that first there was Lee County, then three other counties (one of which was Randolph) were sectioned evenly out of Lee. The county seat of Randolph was placed at Allen Wamble’s house roughly in the center of that big county. Then, Lumpkin was founded in 1829 and was designated the county seat of Randolph. Then Stewart County was created from the northern half of Randolph, which left Randolph without a county seat. So, Cuthbert was created, not so much because Randolph was new, but rather because it had already had and lost three county seats in the space of four years and needed a fourth.

  3. Jerry Levy

    Not sure why the city council of Cuthbert let the US 27 improvement bypass their town without a fight. It will only further its decline.

  4. Brett Cochran

    Cuthbert is one of my favorite towns to pass through. I love the old riveted steel water tank that is over a century old.

  5. Cuthbert once was one of the desired cities to live. It now is jus a run down town that has been pretty much destroyed by the older white generation. The city has not had any leadership for the last twenty years. With no historical society or preservation laws most of its landmarks are gone. The only thing left are a few historic homes and a lot of ragged gas stations. Lots of junk cars, stray animals everywhere old tires and dumping sites as well. With city officials making big salaries and putting nothing back into the city it has become the least desirable place to live. Trust me its very racist, polluted and toxic. Not a healthy place to live. If you are thinking of living here. Come see our city you will see what I’m talking about.

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