Blundale, Georgia


This store and the house next door (depicted in the next post) are all that remain of the village of Blundale. It was known as Flanders Store or Flanders Grocery, according to David Flanders, whose grandfather Emory Hodges Flanders was the proprietor during the 1930s and 1940s.


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5 responses to “Blundale, Georgia

  1. Loree Beacham

    I was born in Blundale. I remember these buildings as a child, growing up. I loved to go in the store with my grandfather. There was a Coca Cola ice chest, one of the old ones, and I can remember dipping my hand down in the ice and pulling out my coke bottle. I, also, can remember the smell of the grain. I played in the yard of Mrs. Lumpkin’s home. Beautiful memories that flood my mind from long ago.

  2. Chuck Yeargin

    Is there anything remaining of the town Dekle in Emanuel County? My mother was a Dekle, and her father and other relatives hailed from the town bearing the family name. I can’t find it on modern maps, but it is on a Georgia map I have from 1897.

  3. Emory David Flanders

    My grandfather, Emory Hodges Flanders was the proprietor of this store in the 30’s and early 40’s. The house to the right of the store was originally the Smith house I believe. The Lumpkin family also lived in the house in later years until they died. The house to the right of this house was where my mother was born in 1921. Her father, Allen Davis Phillips ran the filling station in Blundale in the 30’s.

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