McKinley Store, Aline


David Robinson writes: The old falling down building was another store, I think owned by the McKinley family. From what some of the old timers said there were silent movies shown there and it was an old store. At one time Aline had cotton gin, barber shops, grocery stores, a large school and several other buildings. Highway 57 was where the rail road ran and the dirt road (partly paved now in “downtown” was located.and remnants of the dirt road can be seen on south of the town.


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4 responses to “McKinley Store, Aline

  1. Beulah Eubanks 770 436 1772

    Hello. I am Beulah Boatright Eubanks. My sister, Virginia, and brother, W. O.Boatright, Jr. attended school in the building. At one time it was converted into a pool hall which required membership to shoot….yeah, in Aline!
    W. O. has passed away but is it possible for me to get a copy of your magnificent shot for Virginia? You do beautiful work….but you knew that already!

    Thanks, Beulah

  2. Trying to buy this old building to fix back up as it’s now or never but the owner who bought it just wants to tear it down for the lumber in it. He wants and outrageous price (to me) and has already torn out the floor boards but one if not the only remaining original building in Aline.

  3. David Robinson

    I live in Aline suburbs (lol) and I do believe the first picture is the original depot that sat by the railroad when the railroad was where the highway was. Not 100% certain of that but I have been told that and I do know that the highway was the railroad for a fact. Town had a barber shop, school, and several more stores along the main street back when the railroad came thru.

  4. Erbie James

    I stopped by this very place a few years back and took a few photos. Another vanishing piece of our past.

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