Pyramidal Roof House, Hazlehurst



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6 responses to “Pyramidal Roof House, Hazlehurst

  1. Doana

    When I rebuilt the shed there was a board with the writing on it ” ship to hazlehurst from Switzerland 1944″ not sure if writing is still there but if it is ill take picture of it one day.

  2. Doana

    Yes, forgot the people’s name, they had a son who was really bad, he was waiting for cops on front porch and the cops killed him, that was before this house was called the old Rowell house, they lived here til they bought the house to the left across the street. He turned it into 3 separate Apts in the 60’s, and back then I would ride by and I wanted since I was 9, it set empty for bout 20 yrs til I bought it in 06

  3. Doana

    Wow! That’s my house…

    • Love it! Do you know anything about it’s history, Doana?

    • Millie Bates

      Donna would you be interested in selling this house with the possibility of having it relocated in the Oak Grove Baptist Church community of Hazlehurst? I grew up on Moody Road and I am looking for an older house to put on my property down there. I want it for all of my brothers, sisters and my cousins to have a “home away from home’ whenever we have a reunion, death in the family or just a place to hang out from all the city life we all live in today. Thank you. My name is Millie Moody Bates, and my sister, Angel Lee Moody Wood and brothers Lonnie Moody and Eddie Moody live in Hazlehust.

  4. Robert Dawson Jr.

    Thank you for these great photos. The idea of all of this vanishing makes my heart sink.

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