Smith-Lumpkin House, Blundale


This is a great Georgian cottage, likely of 1870s or 1880s construction. Thanks to David Flanders for the identification.


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6 responses to “Smith-Lumpkin House, Blundale

  1. Drawdy

    Mrs Lumpkin was the children’s Sunday School Teacher at Blundale Baptist Church several years when Roy Drawdy Sr was pastor.

  2. Gennie Simmons Wright

    This was my grandparents home. Milton and Delma Lumpkin.

  3. Emory David Flanders

    My parents, Edward M. Flanders & Wilma Phillips spent their honeymoon in this house in 1942. My grandparents still lived in Blundale during this time, and my parents wanted some privacy, but they didn’t get it. His siblings set off fire crackers right outside the bedroom for half the night.

    • Preston Harrison Ahearn

      Emory, my grandmother was Bonita Smith Preston, her father Henry Robert Smith. I have a picture of the Smith house that my grand mother lived in…it was across the street from the store. I think they lived in THIS house after a fire burned their house and before it’s replacement was built. I would be happy to send you what I have.

      • E. David Flanders

        I would love to have a photo of the smith house, and would appreciate any information you can send my way.

      • Preston Ahearn

        The Emanuel County Historical Society will be meeting on July 24, 2014 in Swainsboro, GA to introduce it’s newest book, “Smithton”. I contributed photos and biographies for the book. Let me know if you can attend.
        Preston Ahearn

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