Erin Brockovich Speaks Out Against Ogeechee River Pollution

Internationally-known environmental advocate Erin Brockovich (you may have heard of the movie…) held a press conference and public forum at Love’s Seafood on the banks of the imperiled Ogeechee River on 2 November 2012. Ms. Brockovich was there to voice her support of efforts by Ogeechee Riverkeeper to force Georgia’s increasingly ineffective Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to perform their constitutionally-outlined duties and stop or significantly deter pollution by the King America Finishing Plant near Sylvania. King America, you may recall, was implicated in the the deaths of over 35,000 fish in the Ogeechee last year. The river needs all the help it can get and since as taxpayers, we help fund the EPD, let’s force them to do their job.

Ogeechee Riverkeeper Board Chairman Ann Hartzell introduced Erin Brockovich to the crowd.

Read Ann’s article at ConnectSavannah here:

Ms. Brockovich was presented the Key to the City of Savannah and generously met with supporters afterward.

Georgia’s historic and beautiful Ogeechee River just made the top of the list of the state’s “Dirty Dozen” by the Georgia Water Coalition. If you care about our rivers, please get involved with a Riverkeeper or other advocacy group in your area and let your elected and appointed officials know you’re tired of excuses. We can have jobs and clean rivers at the same time. As was pointed out during Ms. Brockovich’s press conference, King America is an Illinois company and they meet environmental standards there. The reason they’re in Georgia is because they can get away with more pollution and operate with fewer regulations here. We’re better than that, Georgia. It’s not a political issue. As I stated in my post about Rayonier’s pollution of the Altamaha River, I recall from my childhood pictures of rivers in the industrial North full of oil and pollution, even catching on fire. We falsely assumed that our politicians would never let our rivers look like that. They were places we spent time with our families and learned to fish with our grandfathers or fathers and places we could depend on for food from time to time. Where do you think all the bluegill and bream served up at church fish fries and dinners-on-the-ground came from? Not from fish farms in Thailand or Vietnam, I’d bet. I don’t know what motivates the EPD to protect polluters like King America, but I do know we will get sick and tired of it, and then we’ll just get sick. Perhaps a fish fry from a local catch downstream from Sylvania would help convince them…we’ll invite the EPD Board and the legislature!

EPD District Office Locations and Contact Information

Office Telephone Fax Address
Coastal District
912.264.7284 912.262.3160 400 Commerce Center Drive
Brunswick, GA 31523
Mountain District
404.362.2671 404.362.2712 4244 International Parkway, Suite 114
Atlanta, GA 30354
Mountain District
770.387.4900 770.387.4906 P O Box 3250
16 Center Road
Cartersville, GA 30120
Northeast District
706.369.6376 706.369.6398 745 Gaines School Road
Athens, GA 30605
Northeast District
706.792.7744 706.792.7774 1885 Tobacco Road Suite A
Augusta, GA 30906
Southwest District
229.430.4144 229.430.4259 2024 Newton Road
Albany, GA 31701
West Central District
478.751.6612 478.751.6660 2640 Shurling Drive
Macon, GA 31211



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6 responses to “Erin Brockovich Speaks Out Against Ogeechee River Pollution

  1. I’m a conservationist and fully support the cleaning of the river. But jobs are important as well. what is the balance here? No body should be dumping dangerous wastes into any rivers.

    Most sport fishermen I know catch and release 99% of their catch.

  2. Neil Branch

    The rivers of Eastern Georgia are some of the of the most polluted in the nation. I would never fish a river in E. Georgia. Dont the fools in Atlanta know there will be more money coming in from sportsmen than some corporation.

  3. Sandra L Griffin

    The Ogeechee is one of nature’s marvels. I’m fortunate to live near it and be able to appreciate it’s wonder. As Judy said, there is little to add to the original comments. Thank you to all who stand up .

  4. Judy Corley

    There is not a single thing to add to this. The Rivers of Life that Georgia is blessed with shelter more than fish. They nurture the animals, birds and other water creatures who live along the banks. And these rivers nurture the souls of us humans who seek solace and peace along their banks and in their waters. To lose a river is unconscionable and we cannot let this happen.

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