Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, 1888, Rebecca

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church was organized in 1876 by a missionary preacher, James R. Fields, who had several other nearby churches in his charge. At the time of its founding, Rebecca was known as Grover; the present church building dates to circa 1888. One of the more interesting rules of church decorum (essentially a set of governing by-laws):

“If any member of the Church shall give a party of dance…they shall consider themselves cited to conference.”

To view a PDF of the church history:


Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

Allen Smith (26 March 1822 – 21 May 1898)

Mary Smith (4 J uly 1827 – 6 May 1913)

Martha Ann J. Rountree (7 November 1833 – 25 October 1913)

Private J. Robert McElmurray, Company B, 8th Battallion, Georgia State Guards, CSA

(1843 – 1931)


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2 responses to “Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, 1888, Rebecca

  1. bobbie sue culpepper tompkins

    this was amazing to find my grandfather Joe King is buried in this cemetery I love to check out all the old head stones

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