Hendley Foxworth Horne House, 1853, Long County


See a history of the house here.





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6 responses to “Hendley Foxworth Horne House, 1853, Long County

  1. Ann Hole

    simply beautiful and so wonderful to have a little history on the house..Ohh, if only these walls could talk.

  2. Jennifer Pinson-Harvey

    Hendley Foxworth Horne was my great-great grandfather. My mother (still living at age 95) and many members of my family were born at this house. The Horne family was a gracious Southern family who valued education and loved God and family. I am proud and honored to have this heritage.

    • Elizabeth Howard

      Must meet you Jennifer, as you are our “kin”. Planning a reunion for November 2013. Let me know if you are interested…

  3. Jim Horne

    My Great (2nd or 3rd) Grandfather is Hendley Foxworth Horne.

  4. Elizabeth Howard

    always been my favorite and proud that Hendley Foxworth Horne was a member of our family way back when…. absolutely beautiful…proud that the house has been kept up so great!

  5. Hugh or Jerry West


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