Henry Walcott House, Circa 1855, Long County


This landmark antebellum farmhouse is in largely original condition. Because of its lack of modification, it’s one of the most important houses in the area.


Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to locate much about the early history of the house. Local lore suggests that Mr. Walcott wasn’t the original owner but that he was the man most associated with the house and making improvements to the surrounding farmland.


Though it’s in need of stabilization, the overall condition of the house is good.


And here’s the house seen after the South Georgia Snowstorm of 2018.




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24 responses to “Henry Walcott House, Circa 1855, Long County

  1. Judith Gresham

    Lovely old home. Are they trying to restore it?

  2. Michelle Tootle

    This house is on our land we recently purchased. It sits in front of a pecan orchard. We will be building in the back of that orchard.

  3. Lori

    I just love old homes.They come with their own history,as well as being a part of American history.I own a 1930 bungalow in central Illinois.During its years not much had been updated,with that in mind both the plumbing,as well as the toilets etc suggest 1920.I’ve looked on old newspaper that a baby boy was born in my home.

  4. wendell a. theus

    Have since viewed your Long County photos. Spectacular work. May i suggest if you are back our way to take photo in Jones Creek Church Cemetary of the 14 infant graves there lined up in a perfect row. All born to same father, 2 mothers. Late 1800’s. great mystery?? 14 dead children one by one ?? Father NS Delk and mothers Harriet L and Catherine Delk. I do not believe this could be found in the whole country??? As to Henry Walcott house , feel free to contact me for more info if wanted. thanks, great work !!!

  5. wendell a. theus

    Suppose you know some history of this old great house. It was lived in by original owner and then by Mr. walcott later who worked very hard to farm and maintain property. Great photos. Very haunting. Thanks, i live about 3 miles away from.

    • Wendell, thanks for your comments. I really don’t know anything about the house, except for what people have said here. Would like to know more, of course. It’s a great old house!

  6. donna

    Great pics, they just envoke a timeless, sad feeling of loss – the fog just adds to the mystery of the House, waiting for the old truck to drive up the dirt road, and the family to step out of the front seat, the children spilling out of the back bed. …into the House they’d run, each to their own rooms, the mama would put away the groceries and begin preparing the old stove for supper…(I could go on and on lol)

  7. Jessie Bowdoin

    My husband’s family is from Monroe county namely, Juliette GA. Plenty of old houses in that area.

  8. being an antique dealer, seeing beautiful old homes like this going down just breaks my heart…:(..

  9. paige Korb

    Beautiful!…but somehow, it’s almost sad…

  10. Karen Carow Dees

    Beautiful photos !

  11. Judy Pharis Burchette

    An awesome house, I’m sure was an even more awesome home for someones family. The fog enhances it even more. I enjoy seeing atmosphere in photos and paintings.

  12. Walt Lehner

    Great pictures. They make you feel like you are actually there. Almost surreal.

  13. bernice2961

    Beautiful old house. With a little TLC it would come alive again. Great photos. The fog didn’t take anything away from your great photos.

  14. I love this old house. With a little TLC it would come alive again. Great Pictures even though it’s foggy.

  15. Really captured the spirit of the south in these photos

  16. dgfinch

    Brian, I sure enjoy your photographs. I wonder if you would consider posting the GPS coordinates of your finds so that we can go see them in person?


  17. Elizabewth

    It breaks my heart to see this in ruins. Sure wish somebody had interest to restore

  18. Lisa Horne

    What a great old place; awesome photography!

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