100 Southwest Main Street, Vidalia


The architecture of this structure, one of the nicest commercial buildings in Vidalia, would suggest it may have been a bank, but in all the literature about the historic district, I cannot seem to locate an identification and there isn’t a walking tour guide like some towns have. This is a bit surprising, but I hope someone will be able to help.

Vidalia Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



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2 responses to “100 Southwest Main Street, Vidalia

  1. Darys Cochran

    It was originally Georgia State Bank or Citizens Bank (has held both names) and was renovated as closely as possible to existing pictures. If you call 912-538-1700 and talk with the current owner, Karl Owens, am sure he will be glad for you to see it and give a history lesson. Hope you do so, it is gorgeous.

  2. The twin to this Bank is in Sylvester

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