Sears Roebuck Sign, Vidalia


This is on the rear side of the old Sears store, above the freight door.

Vidalia Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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2 responses to “Sears Roebuck Sign, Vidalia

  1. I used to unload the truck here in the morning before going to my full time job.Great memories!

  2. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    Just love this picture of the Sear Roebuck and Company sign. When I was a boy almost everyone, and especially rural folk, got basic things from Sears by use of their catalog. Clothes, hardware, and a plethora of other useful things were ordered and arrived in the mail. The thick catalog, not only was a source for household and personal items, but served another vital purpose. When the thick book got old and was replaced by a newer edition, the old one’s pages served many a family as toilet paper. Though not as comfortable as store bought paper, it accomplished the purpose and was a lot cheaper. Every outhouse had a Sear catalog.

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