Sheppard’s Grocery, Allenhurst


Darrell Sheppard writes: The old building in Allenhurst was Sheppard’s Grocery. It was built by Troy Allen Sheppard, Sr., after leaving Willie, Georgia, in the 1940s. It had the living quarters in the rear. After his death in 1967 Troy Sheppard, Jr., opened an auto electric repair and operated it until his death in 1991. It now belongs to Darrell Sheppard.





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4 responses to “Sheppard’s Grocery, Allenhurst

  1. darrell sheppard

    the old building in Allenhurst was sheppards grocery was built by troy allen sheppard sr after leaving willie ga in 1940s it had the living Quarters in the rear after his death in 1967 troy sheppard jr opened a auto electric repair to his death in 1991 it now belongs to Darrell sheppard

  2. Eloise Dasher Pendley

    I have really enjoyed your pictures I love to travel the back roads of Georgia ,also thanks for the pictures of Hinesville my home town. Thanks so much.

  3. Harry G. Haisten

    Also looks kinda like a church.

  4. Greg Williams

    Hey Brian, I know it may be off task, but some pix of old Jonesboro Ga. would be interesting. Lot of Civil War history there. Keep up the good work. Greg

    On Sun, Jan 6, 2013 at 10:15 AM, Vanishing South Georgia Photographs by

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