Roberts Grocery, Berlin


This also served as the Berlin Post Office for many years. Thanks to Gary Dortch for the identification.


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5 responses to “Roberts Grocery, Berlin

  1. FannyMay MOLESKI

    Hi My name is FannyMay MOLESKI
    Sonnyboy Mason & Marie Mason are my parents, I grew up on Railroad street. I can remember walking to the Old Post Office & Mr. Robert’s would pick me up so I could get our mail.
    Berlin will always be my home town.

  2. Beth Erickson

    This is interesting. Trying to find information on my grandmother, Katie Lou Elizabeth Morrell. Berlin, GA is her hometown.


    As a little girl I still remember walking from my grandparents house to get the mail, this was over 50 years ago I moved again, but my memories are still strong , I lived in large cities , and traveled to many countries ,but Berlin will always be spoken when I want to go home. Patricia ferrara

  4. I remember it as the post office in 1986-1989, when I was still in public schools.

  5. Gary

    It was Robert’s Grocery at one time. Also it was the post office. Mr. Roberts was the postmaster. I use to go there every Sunday morning and buy the Atlanta newspaper from him.

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