Teal House, Brooks County


Thanks to Terry Hewett for identifying the house, and the awesome ’57 Chevy. Justin Payne reports that this house was destroyed by an arsonist in 2018, possibly one of several around Morven and Quitman. Justin’s mother Genelle Teal Payne grew up in the house. He shared the following:

After speaking with my mother, she told me some interesting history about the house. It was originally built in 1891 by one of the Simpson family and was actually a bar. In the early 1900’s it was converted into a Victorian style home (with gingerbread exterior trim and floor to ceiling windows) by the Peets family (I think it was the Peets family if I understood my mother correctly). The Teals purchased the home in the early 1950’s and from the 1950’s until about 2015 the house underwent numerous renovations while my grandmother, Bessie Mae Teal was still alive. One of our cousins was in the process of renovating the house when it burned. During the renovation they discovered many of the original architectural details including hand-hewn heart of pine floor boards and an extra fireplace no one knew about.

…around the time the house was converted from a bar to a home there was actually a man murdered in the front yard of the home. A Mr. McAllister (she said he went by his nickname, Cat) had too much to drink one night during a poker game at the house and felt he was cheated by one of the Simpsons. McAllister left and then returned with a gun and was told not to cross through the picket fence that use to be in front of the house or Simpson would shoot him. McAllister ignored the warning, opened the gate and Simpson shot and killed him through front window…


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14 responses to “Teal House, Brooks County

  1. Shannon

    My Great Granny’s House! Bessie Mae Keener Teal ❤ with Uncle Zach's "Pinky" out front… I loved this house and all the memories made there. I will never forget hunting Easter eggs around the yard, Christmas with all of my cousin's, Sitting on the front porch swing, the pecan trees, rose bushes and Granny Teals homemade biscuits!

  2. Pamela Tate

    Is this house on old Coffee Rd. In Quitman

  3. The car is a 57 Chevy with 55 side trim. It was a custom touch in the day.

  4. Zach Teal’s house and car. Pink 57′ chevy.

  5. Nick

    front looks to be a 57, but the back look to be from something else. more like the55 or a 56, seem to be a project for sure, looks to me like primer as far as the paint goes, many car of that time had a very 57 belair looking grill, are you sure that was not a Buick

  6. Really great luck to find that Chevy in front. Wonderful shot.

  7. tarobinsonsr

    Neat capture of old car, and old house. But, weren’t they both perfect together, in their heyday.

  8. Love this Brian! Where in Brooks County is this?

  9. A good restoration project for the ’57 Chevy!!!! could be a classic…….

  10. Ken

    Tin roof, porch swing, ’57 Chevy in front…and a satellite dish.

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