Allen Johnston House, Circa 1858, Ludowici


This was the home of Allen Johnston, who settled the area of  present-day Ludowici around 1850. It was known as Johnston Station until 1905. The Ludowici tile roof was added to this structure around 1905, as well. I believe Bessie O’ Neal, a granddaughter of Allen Johnston, was the last family member to live here. It’s sad to see it in this condition, as it’s the only remnant of the town’s earliest history in existence.



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8 responses to “Allen Johnston House, Circa 1858, Ludowici

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  2. Deborah Coleman

    While living in Ludowici, I knew a family that rented this house for quite a while. I lived with them for a few months in 1994. The house was still in good condition. The rooms were massive, with the kitchen having been added on to the back of the house. Such history in the beautiful house. So sad to see it in this condition.

  3. Elizabeth Howard

    so sad to see this house in disrepair, wake up Long County and restore this house to it’s original state. It’s a shame to let this “piece” of history slip away….

  4. we’re lucky it is in as good a shape as it is. If I were rich I’d buy and maintain it, just sos if I ever went through Ludowici I could look up and say, “There it is, the house of the original settler of Ludowicii.”

  5. Hugh H. West

    I enjoyed reading about the history of the town. Durinig the l950’s and perhhaps later, the town was notorious for its “speed trap”.

  6. Watson Brown

    Great old house, very similar to those around these parts!

  7. Andrew Wood

    as usual – wonderful post! good condition or not, i’d bet that tile roof is what’s keeping that house standing!

  8. Very interesting history lesson…thank you!

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