Mills House, 1880s, Hinesville


Built in the late 1880s, this house was the home of the Mills family for most of the 20th century. (This photo was made in February 2010). According to Virginia Fraser Evans’ Liberty County: A Pictorial History, George M. and Flora Fraser Mills moved here with their son Wallace Fraser Mills in 1903. It was recently sold by its present owners and moved to another location. It really is a shame, as Hinesville has very few historic structures, even though it is located in one of the most historic counties in the state. Perhaps the most beautiful grove of oaks in Hinesville was located here, as well, and they were recently removed for the construction of a government building. Thanks to Della Martin for the identification.



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3 responses to “Mills House, 1880s, Hinesville

  1. yep all the beautiful trees gone~it was such a pretty lot but no longer for it has been razed~am glad the house was spared!

  2. Christine Dobson

    I was wondering what happen to the house, I tought hey just tore it down. They did however cut the oak trees down

  3. Vyvyan Lynn

    That is a shame. Beautiful home.

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