Queen Anne House, Waycross


This view shows the house from the McDonald Street side. It was razed in mid-2013.



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11 responses to “Queen Anne House, Waycross

  1. Nick

    it has taking around a month maybe longer but it is almost completely gone, I watching them work from my house, I was painting on the porch and could not help but feel sad to see it go

  2. Cynthia Norman-Slappy

    I am a new transplant to Waycross from the Macon area. I am sure that at one time in the distant past, this was a grand house. But to be perfectly honest, this structure had been a horrible, decaying, and dangerous eyesore for many years. The fact that it was so large and sat beside one of the main highways made Waycross appear to be a run-down town. In fact, there are many lovely, well restored older homes in this city. I’m sure I don’t stand alone when I say that I was overjoyed to see that rotting structure go. Unfortunately, there are a number of other homes in that area of town that also need to either be restored or destroyed. Waycross is a great place to live and could be a much prettier town if it would follow the course of Macon and other cities which demand that the homeowners keep either fix up dilapidated, abandoned homes, or repay the city for their demolition.

    • 2 years ago I found a house, also on Corridor Z, and had it moved to an area outside of town. Still in the process of rehabbing, but making progress. Someday it will be liveable once again.

    • While I agree it was an eyesore, and certainly dangerous, it’s a shame it had to be torn down. That said, I know that every old house cannot be saved. It’s just a fact of life and economics. I am glad, though, that Waycross has saved the great old Ware Hotel. My dad stayed there for many years during his career with Seaborad/CSX.

  3. Debbie

    This house has been torn down.

  4. Nick

    my house is the oink one on jane, I have not seen any one there, the last week or so, but not much in there any more. we goby it a lot looks pretty gutted now

  5. Nick

    they are taking it apart now, most likely selling the wood work, as has been done to many homes in waycross the parts are worth more than the house,

  6. sandy keeler

    Drove by this house last night and was wondering what its fate would be. Would love to see inside.

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