Abandoned Farmhouse, Georgia Highway 121

Charlton County GA Highway 121 Abandoned Farmhouse Board and Batten Architecture Unpainted Rusted Tin Roof Picture Image Photograph © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

No matter how many historic buildings I uncover in my travels, finding an old farmhouse like this is still what motivates my work more than anything else. This is located about midway between Folkston and St. George.


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8 responses to “Abandoned Farmhouse, Georgia Highway 121

  1. Archie crews

    This one is no longer there if it is the one I remember. It was a mile or two south of okefenokee swamp.. on the right heading north.

  2. Igrew up in that area my dad and brother work at the saw mill in 1947 my baby sister berial is at the old church

  3. Wesley Williams

    My understanding, from the old folks, is that this started out as a school /church, when there was a logging camp in the area that was later abandon/ turned into a home. For the record, before some know it all jumps down my throat, that is I understand the history from ol’ timers in the area; I do not know this to be fact, but put it out for educational discussion purposes. This is in the Toledo area about a 1/3 of the way between Folkston and St George. There are several sites near here and is not real far from 2 cemeteries that once had churches. With >27 years in the ministry, I have work in 3 churches in the area and still live in the Corn House creek area near the wild life refuge which I am told was the sight of a “sawmill community and a CCC camp.

  4. tarobinsonsr

    I’m amazed at the amount of information you find from your travels, Brian, and always look at and love your pictures, from all over South GA🙂

  5. Like Stan – I like to envision it as a new house and the proud people moving into it.

  6. Stan Arline

    When I see these old farm houses I often think about the families that once lived there,was life hard were, they a happy family,did they own the land,or were they tenents. I also wonder where they are now and what they have become.

    • Ashley

      My husband is from Charlton County and his grandmother grew up at Toledo, and now resides just a few miles north of this site. They have driven me around out there (including past this building) and told me all about the area. I’ll have to ask her is she knows exactly what this building was used for. I’m certain that she does.

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