Alexander’s Store, Toombs County

toombs county ga alexanders store us highway 1 photograph copyright brian brown vanshing south georgia usa 2010

This is one of my favorite old country stores in this part of Georgia. I stop nearly every time I pass it on US 1. Thanks to Holly Alexander Toole and others for sharing their memories and identifying it for me. One of my favorite memories was from Jack Parker: In 1936, when I was five, we lived near the store my mother would send me to get an item or two. It was always charged to a running credit account. I would tell Mr. Alexander I would like some candy but didn’t have a nickel. He would always see that I would get a piece. (Couldn’t charge the candy). Great memories.


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7 responses to “Alexander’s Store, Toombs County


    The Wright family operated this store during my childhood…Edgar and Helen and their children provided a “gathering place” for all the “country folk”…all our neighbors appreciated the location. We didn’t have to “go into town” to get what we needed. I remember the candy case….looking through that glass as a Baby Ruth candy bar stared back at me.

  2. Tom

    I believe this store was still in operation ca. 1977. I recall the sign on the store read “L. S. Alexander.” Am I remembered this correctly?

  3. Holly Alexander Toole

    This was my great grandfather’s old store! Thank you for sharing this.

    • It’s a great old store Holly, and I hope it will be around for many years to come. It looks like he built it right!

      • Holly Alexander Toole

        Well he was a timber man so it’s most definitely built right! You should snap a pic of the old Alexander home place! It’s still very much in tact and not far from the store on US 1 South!

  4. Gene Ross

    Hey, Brian, love your pictures. Keep ’em coming!!

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