Old Post Office, Manassas

manassas ga old post office photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

Nan Smith ran a small grocery/general store here, as well as the post office. Thanks to her nephew Jake Smith for the identification.



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10 responses to “Old Post Office, Manassas

  1. I just looked it up, that was in March 2004.

  2. I stopped here when it was still open and had a long chat with the lady running the post office. She told me how the post office was once robbed (of just a little money) and that the robbers backed up into the flagpole, destroying it. That was the end of this post office having the American flag outside. It was not replaced because the plan was to close this one and make people go to Claxton instead. I guess that part came true. So sad!

  3. Margaret Jones

    Brian, I have a painting entitled “Tobacco Barn” Waycross GA by Nan ’75.
    Could you ask Jake if this Nan was his aunt Nan Smith? What type of art did she do painting or sketching – It may be a sketch, I am not sure, but would like to know what it is worth. It does not have a # but is signed NAN ’75.

  4. Kathy Dawkins

    I picked up mail for my sisters Mother-In-Law from the post office,Grandma Godbee many of times in the 70’s. As a kid I thought it was cool.

  5. This was a P. O. and a store operated by my Aunt. I would sweep the floor & she would give me a coke & peanuts !!!

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