J. U. Daniel House, Bay Branch Church Road

Evans County GA Bay Branch Church Road Antebellum Plantation Fancy House White Picket Fence Architectural Landmark Picture Image Photograph © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

As these two perspectives attest, the house has been modified over time to include the columns and extended roof on the front. It’s one of the most impressive plantation houses I’ve ever found. Thanks to John P. Rabun, Jr., for the identification.

Evans County GA Antebellum Plantation Farmhouse Bay Branch Church Road Architectural Landmark Picture Image Photograph © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013


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6 responses to “J. U. Daniel House, Bay Branch Church Road

  1. Justin Daniel

    To give you a bit more context, the house was constructed circa 1895 by William W. Daniel, a veteran of the confederacy. The story handed down through the family is that W.W. hired a carpenter, paid him $100.00 plus room and board to design and build this house. W.W. provided the labor from his farm, all lumber was sawn from timber on the property at his sawmill which sat to the east of the house down by the branch. The attached kitchen and large portico are said to have been added in the 1920s or 30s by W.W.’s son James Uriah Daniel.
    About the same time of the home’s construction, W.W. (my GG grandfather) sat down and wrote his memoirs of the war for southern independence. The original is still in tact, along with several letters from the war written home by he and his older brother Cpt. Isaac C. Daniel.

  2. Justin Daniel

    Hello this home belongs to my father, It was built by my great great grandfather William W. Daniel circa 1895, James U Daniel was his son and my great grandfather. If you would like any other information or other photographing opportunities, I would be glad to meet you up here. I love your site and follow your work, thanks for showing off what is in our family a tangible view into our history.

  3. Elizabeth Howard

    Absolutely beautiful… If I could have just one day to go back in that time….

  4. Bobby Akins

    Love the diversity in the homes, around Georgia, you must have a little blood hound in you boy, keep ’em coming. I really enjoy…..

  5. John P. Rabun, Jr.

    This is the J. U. Daniel house, built after the War Between the States.

  6. dale

    I would love to see the inside!

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