Tusculum, Georgia


Located between Egypt and Guyton, Tusculum is one of several picturesque ghost towns in Effingham County. This circa 1904 general store seems to be all that remains of its early history.


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5 responses to “Tusculum, Georgia

  1. Roger Shearouse

    does anyone have any old pictures of the general store that was on the corner of Springfield Tusculum road and highway Ga 17 from 1955 to 1967. It was store, bus station, train depot and boarding house. Email to rogershearouse@yahoo.com. Thanks

  2. James

    This store has been repaired a bit…

    • Jackie Purdy

      Do you know if at one time say back in the 20’s if there was a school house in Tusculum, my Mom grew up in Egypt, and when she graduated from Mt. Vernon Jr. college she returned to Effingham to teach. I know she taught in Egypt, Pineora, and I believe Tusculum. This would have been in the time frame of 1922-1929. Thanks, Jackie Monson Purdy.

  3. Phil Walker

    A nice photo of this haunting old spot.

  4. Sir: your work is so good! Make it into a “coffee table” book and make money from it!

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