Tobacco Barn Ruins, Irwin County



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5 responses to “Tobacco Barn Ruins, Irwin County

  1. Awesome sight! Far from my Georgia roots, now in the Western U.S., Polk Co. Ga , Cedartown/Rockmart/Rome was where I grew up. And, have done extensive research on my HANNAH clan, Meriwether Co/Muscogee Co. This is awesome sight! Thanks!


    This email reminded me that I have an old barn on it’s last days. Someone just mentioned to me that it would make a beautiful black and white picture. Your welcome to take a picture of it before it’s gone. I live on Raymond D. Bland Rd in Tattnall County, between Reidsville and Glennville off highway 169. Just a suggestion. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures you share! Sherry Dawson

  3. Randall

    Miss those pecan trees. Nice to see them. Love your work.

  4. wendell a. theus

    Hi Brian, great work as usual. Unfortunately this photo represents much of our past history-neglected and falling to ruin as we shift into the fast lane of progress????? A sad sight indeed. Please keep up great work.

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