Dr. John C. Nevil House, Bulloch County


Built by Dr John C. Nevil, this beautiful home is a well-known landmark on U. S. 301. Dr. Nevil’s son, Paul, a sheriff of Bulloch County, also resided here.



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4 responses to “Dr. John C. Nevil House, Bulloch County

  1. Ann Hole

    so huge..a real family home. I know I would love living in this home.

  2. Connie McGhee

    Loved seeing this big old house. I grew up in a similar home in southern Ohio. Reminded me of an old habit that I had. My mother worked 3-11 shift & I was responsible for keeping the home tidy. Since I had two little brothers who were giant mess makers, I would stay up after everyone went to bed. I’d turn on lights in every room of the house except where someone was sleeping. Then I’d clean & tidy each room & turn th light out. There were eleven rooms, so I burned te midnight oil!

  3. Randall

    Imposing. There’s certainly a majesty about it.

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