Lower Lotts Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Bulloch County


The second oldest congregations in Bulloch County, Lower Lotts Creek was constituted in 1801. I’m not sure when the present church was constructed. Its historic cemetery is the final resting place of many of the pioneers of this section of Georgia. The photographs that follow are but a small sampling.


Corporal Harmon A. Riggs  (5 September 1843 – 27 November 1914) Company C, 47th Georgia Infantry, CSA


The Hollands were a prolific family in early Bulloch County. Their family plot features some of the most interesting headstones in Lower Lotts Creek cemetery.


Henry Holland’s headstone features an anchor, perhaps indicating he was a mariner.


This cenotaph was placed by descendants of Bridger Jones in 1996. It reads: Bridger Jones (1759 – 1819), Son of James Jones and Mary Bridger, a daughter of Robert Bridger who was a grandson of Colonel Joseph Bridger (1628 – 1686), Councilor of State in Virginia to King Charles II of England. Jones served in the American Revolution as a seaman in the Georgia Navy, and later as a cornet in the militia of North Carolina, where his father had moved. His wife was Rachel Barry (1762 – 1830), daughter of James Barry and Mary Noble, daughter of Samuel Noble of Carteret County, N. C. Bridger and Rachel came here in 1806. He was a Justice of the Bulloch County Court (1808 – 1813). Their children were Berry, Mary Rachel, Bridger Jr., John Thomas Briant, Josiah, Bazzell, Buckner, and Ann. After his father’s death, Berry deeded to the church six acres including the graveyard where family members are buried.

As an interesting aside, Ric Stewart writes: Another grave of note in Lotts Creek PBC cemetery is Garret Williams, who didn’t want to be buried. Instead, his family hoisted his coffin in a large oak tree when he died in 1887. A vandal stole his skull, so fifteen years later he was finally buried in the churchyard at Lotts Creek.


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5 responses to “Lower Lotts Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Bulloch County

  1. Charles E Howell

    My 4th great grandparents are buried under the church. William Brannen and his wife, Elizabeth J Gross. Bridger Jones and his wife, Racheal Berry are my 5th great grandparents. There is a memorial to the Brannens in the cemetery. William Brannen was born in Ireland.

  2. NeSmith marker at upper lotts Creek Church Bullock County GA

  3. Tom Lanier

    Have family buried there and would like to contribute to church. Is there a mailing address or contact person?

  4. Kelly Williams Fisher

    My Great-Great Grandfather Elder John G, Williams and G.G. Grandma Francis are buried in the cemetery at this church. I read he was a pastor here. Very beautiful church. Thank you for sharing. -Kelly Williams Fisher

  5. Ric Stewart

    Lotts Creek is one of the oldest congregations in Bulloch County, but the oldest is Nevils Creek Primitive Baptist Church on the north side of the county, in the Bay Gall community.
    It was established in 1790. General Sherman and his troops slept there during their march through Georgia.

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