Graham, Georgia

Graham GA Appling County United Methodist Church Log Truck Picture Image Photograph © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

One of our Facebook followers, Sherra Parisella made this comment, which sums up a lot about the nature of South Georgia: “Pulp Wooding, Logging, and church are such an important part of South Georgia’s history”.


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3 responses to “Graham, Georgia

  1. I grow up around Marshallville Ga. The land was on by Walter Forbes, mostly cattle and horses. One of his plantations was called matchies farm I still see the sign when we are going to Perry Ga. I remember the old Bud Dukes farm mostly peaches. The other brother was John David Dukes his farm was close to Perry in Houston county. Also peaches there. The barretts, the rumphs, the car sons, the browns, the Whitfield’s all resided on the farms, the Marshall these were all different families. I remember The old Nash Murph farm around Marshallville, also John Lee own land there also.

  2. Judy Corley

    When I saw the logging truck and the church with cemetery all I could think was how these 3 things fit together in South Georgia. Church, family and friends, family history, and the logging industry that supports many in the area. I love you photos and the memories they stir.

  3. Randall

    Love this one. The contrast is rich in both theme and color.

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