Graham United Methodist Church, 1886, Appling County


The South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church notes: In 1881, Adeline Hall and Graham Davis gave the land for the church and the cemetery.  Lemuel Johnson donated the material for the building and also the services of his architect, William Armitage, and his master builders.  Armitage, who was English, designed the church using the rural English churches as models.  The master builders included C. W. Clarke from Sweden, J. W. Gill from England and John Welch from Scotland.  The Graham Methodist Church was organized around 1885 and the first building was constructed in 1885-86.  The cemetery is across the road.




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10 responses to “Graham United Methodist Church, 1886, Appling County

  1. Polly

    This church is in Appling County.

  2. Jamie Crosby Reeves

    You should add a picture of the inside. It is the best part. So beautiful! I have some or I’m sure many others would be willing to contribute.

    • Jamie, I drive through there a couple of times a month. I’d love to get inside and photograph it! Who would I need to contact about that?

      • Jennifer Graham

        Mrs. Camille Kimball would more than likely be glad to show you around inside. You can find her on Facebook. This is my home church, and Jamie is right, the inside is absolutely breathtaking.

  3. Jan Davis

    I am trying to find out if they still hold services at Graham Methodist Church. I am planning a visit to the area and would like to attend a service. Can you provide names and contact numbers for someone I can speak with. The church phone is disconnected and the parsonage number has no voice mail. At the very least, I hope to get inside the church.

    • Beverly P. Harper

      You can contact Beverly Crosby in Graham…..she will have all the info you need. Yes..they do still have services there.

    • camille kimball

      Camille Kimball here, I live behind the church, up a short dirt rd. (Kimball Ln) We still have services at 11 am on Sunday. Also I’d be glad to give a tour. I’m home most all the time

  4. Karen Igou Holcomb

    I do hope you were blessed to get to see the inside. So much is original. If you did not and are in this area again, I know some folks who would be more that happy to get you inside. I love your site and appreciate you sharing with us!


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