Wilson Hardware Building, Hazlehurst


Located across Hinson Street from A. J. Lowery’s Western Auto, Wilson Hardware is a longtime Hazlehurst landmark. I think they’ve been in business since the early part of the 20th century.


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4 responses to “Wilson Hardware Building, Hazlehurst

  1. Jesse Bookhardt

    You accurately described the old Blackshear Fertilizer and
    Farm Supply building. I am glad
    that it is still there and the canning plant as well. The home of Dr. Samuel Wright Martin on Jarman Street(US 341) was in poor repair the last time I was down. That house always had character. Hopefully something can be done to save it. From his stately home, Doctor Martin tirelessly served the people of Jeff Davis and Hazlehurst for many decades. In those days, he visited people at their homes. He safely deliver all seven children in my family from 1940 through 1952 at home. A place like his home not only are expressions of design but are symbols of real family stores and community history. Brian Brown deserves credit for his work across South Georgia.

  2. Donna Glenn

    Unfortunately, most of the old buildings in downtown Hazlehurst were torn down during the 1990’s. This is one of the few left. Thank you for your work on this site.

    • Jesse Bookhardt

      I agree. Having grown up in Jeff Davis County, I lament the loss of many old buildings that I can remember. The old wooden Hazlehurst Hotel, is gone, the stately Bank of Hazlehurst has been replaced. The old theater still stands but is in poor repair. The small train depot sits wasting away in need of updating and preservation. The 1911 brick Hazlehurst Elementary School building has been razed. “Progress” is nice but we need to find a way to move forward without erasing our past. I am glad to see Wilson Hardware still standing. It was old when I was a kid and I am no spring chicken. Does the old Blackshear Fertilizer and Farm Supply building on Cromartie street exist? What about the canning plant?

      • Donna Glenn

        The old canning plant building is still standing and is now used for storage, I believe. Is the building on the corner of Cromartie St. and the railroad the Blackshear Fertilizer and Farm Supply building? You can barely make out “Jazz Feeds” and “farm” painted on the front of it. If this is that building, then yes, it is still standing. I went to school in the old school building also. I am not a spring chicken either, since I graduated with your sister, June. I really was sorry to see the old buildings torn down. I have seen other towns that restored theirs and provided landscaping to make the downtown area a pleasant place to visit. These old buldings add so much character to a town, in my opinion. So much of our architectural history is gone, and I was sorry to see it go.

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