Roadside Wildflowers, Lands Crossing


In early spring, broomsedge (Andropogon virginicus) and coreopsis are widespread and a colorful sign of life in roadside ditches throughout South Georgia.


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5 responses to “Roadside Wildflowers, Lands Crossing

  1. Your pictures are lovely. I’m curious. Is Lands Crossing named after the Land family in South Georgia. I am related to them.

  2. Laura Marrow

    Brian – I love this shot – all the work on your Vanishing South Georgia site. I grew up in Wayne County with life making other areas and cities my home. I’m currently living in the Washington, DC area but a quick glance at the pics in my email updates from VSG can take me back in an instant bringing sweet memories to mind. Thank you for this gift to us Suthenas no matter where we call home now!

  3. Judy Burchette

    Simply Beautiful ! How can I get a copy of this to frame and hang in my den?

  4. Watson Brown

    Pure elegance, Mr. Brown!

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