Commercial Block, Stillmore


The left side of this block was once the Stillmore Post Office. I imagine the other side was a grocery store.


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6 responses to “Commercial Block, Stillmore

  1. Richard L Canady

    Rauton’s General Store was right of the Post Office in the 1960’s. There was an old candy counter and cookies and treats in glass jars.

  2. Dee (Bird) Bivens

    Where the garden is in this photo used to be an old movie theater. I remember it as an old crumbling brick building when I was growing up – it was my Dad (who was raised in Stillmore) who told me about the theater.

  3. Amy

    The store front on the left was the old post office. My grandmother used to be the postmistress relief in Stillmore. Stillmore now has a museum and I know they would love a copy of these photos to display. How can I obtain these? Thanks!

  4. Kay

    What a beautiful old brick storefront. This is one of my favorites of your photos.

  5. Lynn Winters

    Don’t you love finding little gems like this? Sometimes things are done just for the beauty of it, not necessarily for the credit.

  6. Randall

    Really, a fantastic shoot. (or shot)

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