Irwinville Farms Health Clinic, Circa 1938


Built to provide medical care for the people of the Irwinville Farms project, this is the last remaining bureaucratic structure from that era remaining. Dr. Herman Dismuke was the medical administrator at the clinic and was a well-loved area physician for many years thereafter. It has served as a home for many years. The image below, made by John Vachon in 1938, shows Irwinville Farms clients at this building.

Irwinville Farms GA Great Depression Resettlement Farm Security Administration Photograph by John Vachon Courtesy Library of Congress Brian Brown Vanishing Media USA 2013


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5 responses to “Irwinville Farms Health Clinic, Circa 1938

  1. Christina Warner

    That was my grandmother’s home for many years until about eight nine years ago, my grandmother ‘s name was Sally mae Goodwin Gibbs Stanley

  2. Mandy Bryant

    My husband and I bought the building this year. Both the clinic and old store (that was flea market). We are in the process of getting in cleaned up and in better shape. My family owned the bigger store next to the small one. She ran it as a grocery store and gas station back in the 30’s and 40’s. I still own that building and my husband has converted it to a car shop. Mandy and Rick Bryant

  3. Downeastnc

    My parents, my brother and sister and I lived in the back,(my parents ran the store for a short period of time) of a store in Ocilla or Fitzgerald or Irwinville can’t remember which. There was a family of Goodwins that had an auto repair garage next door.  This store looks very much like the one we lived in. This was around 1954  my brother was in first grade at the time.  Have photos of him in his little overalls waiting for the school bus, and us children in a wagon in front of the store. Do you know if an auto garage was next door during that time?  Thanks for any info you might have, Judy Pharis Burchette

    • I think that building may still be there and was most recently a flea market/perpetual yardsale kind of place. But it might not be the one you’re thinking about.

      • Mandy Bryant

        My grandparents were Leon and Etta Lewis. They were here before the farm project came to Irwinville. They died before 1954, but it is possible a Godwin family rented my grandmother’s store building.

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