First Baptist Church, 1944, Cobbtown


Cobbtown Baptist Church was organized in 1906 by Dr. J. C. Brewton. The first pastor was B. F. Hogan, in 1907, and charter members were: William M. & Lucy Bird; Marshall & Mattie Hattaway; Mr. & Mrs. Luther Mills; Stiles A. & Roxie Ann Sikes; and Henry & Laura Yeomans. The present structure was completed in 1944. E. L. Harrison was the pastor at the time and the building committee was: W. L. Brown, Chairman; E. L. Vaughn, Treasurer; T. D. Slater, Construction Superintendent; R. L. Collins; and R. C. Coleman.


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10 responses to “First Baptist Church, 1944, Cobbtown

  1. bobby sikes

    the white section which is the foundation was built ten or more years before the church was completed. i and some young friends played on it when i was about seven or eight years old. i lived about a block away in the house you call the sikes-collins house. i was borned and raised in cobbtown and lived within ten miles of it all my life. i’m an old man now.

  2. L. Victor McGough

    The bricks are of a color seldom seen in S. GA I have seen houses made of this brick over in the center of the state

  3. Ben Dooley

    This is also something as architectural jumble, but It is an amazingly sophisticated design…especially for a small church in a rural town. It certainly (at least in exterior detailing) does not appear to be a pattern book design offered by many denominations in the 1st half of the 19th century.

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