Paradise-Sikes-Collins House, Cobbtown


Bobby Sikes writes: This house was built by the Sue Paradise family who later moved to Atlanta. My father, Walt Sikes bought it in 1937. We lived there, or at least my mother and step- father did until they died. I later sold it to G. W. Collins. Renee Johnson notes that her aunt, Delma Collins is the present owner.


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10 responses to “Paradise-Sikes-Collins House, Cobbtown

  1. Glenn Rich

    Check on the baseball team(s) of earlier years, like those that “Cobbtown” Hensley played on. It has been used all my life. Even heard it said by folks in Texas when I was introduced.

  2. bobby sikes

    to my personal knowledge, it was used in cobbtown by amiddle aged man and a 2 year old boy, the man would take the boy to the dug store nd tell him to tell everyone “i’m a cobbtown sport and wear city briches” then he would buy him a milkshake. i know this is true, but i don’t know if it was a first time thing. this was in the early 1930’s

  3. Renee Johnson

    The photo of the house in Cobbtown is owned by Delma Collins–my aunt. Thank you for the Cobbtown photos.

    • Renee…do you know any more about it? Was there any other family owning it before your aunt? If not, I’ll just title it as the Collins House…thanks for your comments. I just didn’t realize Cobbtown was so interesting as I generally just pass through there. I’ll definitely be making more photographs the next time I’m there.

  4. Bill Davis

    Never heard Cobbtown sport, use “sport” myself on occasion meaning what you describe. Interested in Cobbtown itself in that my ggf and gggf, Christopher Columbus Smith, Jr. and Sr., originated there, one was on McRae city council. Not much news about Cobbtown, otherwise!

  5. Jesse Bookhardt

    Growing up I often heard my Walker relatives use the Term “Cobbtown Sport.” It described a child, who demonstrated cute behavior and personality, and was witty and precocious. I am wondering if others in South Georgia have heard the term used this way, and if the saying originated in Cobbtown, Georgia.
    Jesse Bookhardt

    • Strange that you bring that up, Jesse…Mike McCall, who I often photograph with on my travels, said the same thing yesterday. And he wondered, as well, if it were related to Cobbtown, Georgia, or not. I’d like to know more about that, for sure. Thanks.

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