Wild Turkeys Foraging, Ben Hill County


Once threatened with extinction, the Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) has made a huge comeback and is a common sight on dirt roads and in back woods all over South Georgia. It sustained our ancestors as a game bird and remains an integral symbol of the Southern forest.



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11 responses to “Wild Turkeys Foraging, Ben Hill County

  1. frank hidi

    Near Clare Rd In Fitzgerald


    I love seeing the wild turkeys all over southwest Georgia. I was on my way home from Valdosta last week and saw a flock in Doerun. Neatest sigh ever. I also like it when I see a group of wild hogs on Harmony Road in Mitchell County. Neat.

  3. Jesse Bookhardt

    I love the wild turkey. It is so American and so beautiful. I agree with Ben Franklin who favored making the bird our national emblem, though he never publicly introduced any action to make it happen. Franklin praised the turkey and proclaimed the Bald Eagle a “coward” who perched near a river and allowed the Osprey to catch a fish and then take it from him.
    When I visit our farm in Alabama, I almost always see nesting hens feeding along the roads and fields. Soon baby chicks will be following their mothers as they learn the ways of wildlife. Watching them “bug” across a grassy area is an education by itself.
    The restoration of the turkey and deer in America is a success story and they currently are growing or are stable all across the country. Thanks to our efforts to protect them, they have recovered and now both provide lots of sport and food for American hunters and families

  4. wendell

    Haven’t saw your wildlife photos before. Great work. I am afraid many of our “new” Georgians might not recognize these great birds. I think they deserve to be the National Symbol for their unique place in our history. At least to be the Ga. State Bird.

  5. adams

    when i was working at wal-mart distribution center, i was coming home early one morning and saw about 100 grazing across a field. quite the neatest thing i have ever seen. this was about 8 years ago.

  6. Sonny

    What a gorgeous shot Brian. You need to print this one on canvas and frame it.

  7. Jenny Hansel

    They’re quite plentiful up here in the Blairsville mountain area, too. This surprises me because there’s so many coyotes . . . smart Mama turkeys, I guess:-)

  8. Sherri

    It’s always magic when you see them.

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