150th Anniversary Commemoration of the Burning of Darien

150th Anniversary of the Burning of Darien GA Civil War Sesquicentennial Confederate Reenactors in Period Clothing in front of Adam Strain Building Picture Image Photograph © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

Missy Brandt & Will West, who were instrumental in making yesterday’s commemoration a reality, pose in front of Darien’s Adam Strain Building, which survived (with damage) the town’s burning.


On June 11, 1863 the seaport of Darien was vandalized and burned by Federal forces stationed on nearby St. Simons Island. The town was largely deserted, most of its 500 residents having sought refuge inland. Lost were public buildings, churches, businesses and most private residences. Conducting the raid were units comprised of among the first African-American troops to serve the Union cause, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteers under Col. Robert G. Shaw, and the 2nd South Carolina Volunteers under Col. James Montgomery. The burning of Darien, undefended and of little strategic importance, was one of the most controversial events of the Civil War. (Text of  historic marker placed by the Lower Altamaha Historical Society and the Georgia Historical Society in 2001). The movie Glory was based loosely on the story of the 54th Massachusetts.


Reenactors of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Encampment get ready for the parade .

150th Anniversary of the Burning of Darien GA Civil War Sesquicentennial 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Black Union Reenactors Picture Image Photograph © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

For a larger selection of photos from the event, please visit



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5 responses to “150th Anniversary Commemoration of the Burning of Darien

  1. Was in Darien last week but could not make back for the “Burning”. Appreciate the pictures of my my favorite place on the GA Coast. Really glad you were able to record the scenes.

  2. Bob Thomas

    The wife and I were in Darien yesterday. Sorry we missed you. I look forward to your post. Some years ago I lived in north Florida and I have a collection of photos I took of old buildings’ churches and graveyards.

    • Darien has several beautiful, small churches. I especially like the ones east of US 17. Have not taken the time, but must, to visit the graves.

      Have y’all had a chance to visit Andersonville, near Americus?

      Wouldn’t it great for followers and lovers of Vanishing South Georgia to meet every once in awhile?

      • I’d love that, Patricia!

      • Hi Brian,

        Re:Get together

        You know south Georgia very well, and I not at all. Would Irwinville be a good central location? Maybe Joy could have her book to sell and sign. What about somewhere in Berrien County? The county has a Chamber of Commerce. Wherever we meet, we could be a mini economic boom! Who knows how many might turn up?

        Choosing meeting dates like the a set Saturday in April and/or October might be good….not too hot or buggy. Each get together could be in a different town/county. Just thoughts.

        Being retired, I could help put together something casual once the place and date had been determined.

        Yes, I have too much time on my hands and enjoy meeting like minded people!


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