C. H. Mitchell’s Bar-B-Q, Valdosta


This 70s landmark was once one of the most popular restaurants in Valdosta. Today, just an empty building and this old sign remain. I’ve been told that Burt Reynolds used to pass through Valdosta on occasion and always picked up a pile of barbeque at C. H. Mitchell’s when he was there. Don’t know if that’s true, or just urban legend, but I like it.


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12 responses to “C. H. Mitchell’s Bar-B-Q, Valdosta

  1. Scott Daniels

    I was raised in Valdosta. I graduated high school in 1984.
    We would have Mitchell’s BBQ smoke our turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was the best smoked turkey I have EVER eaten.
    I have traveled the USA extensively and have eaten a lot of BBQ. NONE other than Mitchell’s provided the best BBQ smoked turkey. I could tell you about the nastiest BBQ turkey ever, which was in Soldotna, AK. This guy smoked his turkeys with liquid smoke which made the bird taste like baloney.
    So here I am in Las Vegas, NV looking for BBQ that comes close to the taste of Mitchell’s.
    I miss those old times eating Mitchell’s BBQ.

  2. Glenn

    Burt Reynolds filmed a movie in nearby Banks Lake called Gator so it’s possible.

  3. Mark Dixon

    Is Malcohm Mitchell of the Bulldogs related to C H Mitchell?

  4. George Smith AKA Bear

    I was living in an apartment in the Fairview Historic District in 1976 to 1979 and stationed at Moody. I ate Mitchells Barbeque quite frequently because it was the best. I also would go to the Golden Platter and for $2.35 would get you some of the finest Southern cooking and as much as you could eat. Ma Halls Boarding House was also the place, you would go in and sit at a big table and it was like eating with your family. I think that was only $2 all you could eat. Those were the days.

  5. Terry j.

    As youngster growing up in valdosta I had the pleasure working for Mr Mitchell during the mid 70’s some of the best food around was served

  6. Roberta

    Brian, one of the places I remember frequenting in the 70’s with my family is the Gold Plate Restaurant on US 41 south. It is still open today! They have an old sign, still, I think! I love these old places. I remember growing up in Valdosta and the post-hippie country culture of the bars and restaurants. My mom worked at the Ramada Inn restaurant that was razed several years ago. I wish photography had been my hobby and I had been able to capture that place. Before it was remodeled in the 90’s, it had some marvelous garish red interior decorating in the banquet room!

  7. I remember going to the counter there and waiting while Grandma ordered bbq for supper. The place smelled SO good and I will never forget how good that bbq was.

  8. WE stopped by FRESH AIR BBQ in Jackson, GA yesterday [Father’s Day] VERY busy…as always since 1929!!!! Better yesterday than ever!

  9. yes Burt Reynolds spent time in Lakeland and Valdosta as he made a movie at Banks Lake. I know because my uncle showed him around and helped with the Banks Lake shots. I don’t know where he ate but he was there. The name of the movie was Gator

  10. sterlingcathee@hotmail.com

    Burt Reynolds said he would drive from Florida to have BBQ at Mitchells and I know it is true because I heard him say it. He would occasionally stay at the Holiday Inn in Valdosta where I worked. He made 2 movies in that area. He would always send someone down to Mitchells to get him a plate.

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