Gable Front Farmhouse, Turner County


One reader suggested that this photograph was in bad taste because people live here, but I disagree. Not only would I live here, but I am grateful that there are people living here; my great-grandmother lived in a similar old house that some would have thought run down, but it was a place of warmth and happiness, memories that comfort me to this day.  It represents the best in South Georgia. It’s not only a landmark of an old house but it’s also an example of preservation, in the truest sense. I’ve photographed so many houses like this that have fallen to nothing, but the human presence is saving this one.



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10 responses to “Gable Front Farmhouse, Turner County

  1. Nancy Holland

    I would much rather live in this than a brand new trailer anyday. I salute this family for continuing to live in their old, but lovely, home rather than buying an ugly, cheap trailer and tearing down the home as most people do these days.

  2. J.J. MORAN

    Good place to rest your bones.

  3. A modern day family making new memories in this old home. How awesome!

  4. Jon h

    Where’s the Like button!

  5. wendell

    The old and the newer. Appreciate it all. I was reared in a similar house. Turned out ok I reckon. Especially admire this early use of what we fancyfy today as a dormer. thanks, Brian.

  6. Kenny Smith

    That SUV is the entire families means of transportation! They are good, honest, hardworking folks. Also might I add they live within their means not begging for a handout like so many people these days. I felt obligate to comment.

    • Kenny…I just love this house, always have…don’t think anyone meant to imply anything negative at all. You should see MY car LOL! I’d totally live in that house!

      • Ben Dooley

        Exactly Brian, thanks for the statement. I love this picture because it demonstrates that some people are still insist on staying and thriving in the rural south and have found a way to do it without giving up all the “city” conveniences. I only wish we saw more of these old character filled places still lived in and loved rather than abandoned or torn down and replaced by vinyl sided cracker boxes.

  7. Ben Dooley

    Thanks Brian. Take a close look at this amazing picture menu of the “maturing” and sadly vanishing rural south. It has it all…wonderfully decaying farm house, broad and shady front porch, SUV in the front “yard” sand (probably a visiting grandkid). American flag, wheelchair ramp, and of course the satellite dish beside the propane tank!. With this one you see and say it all!

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