Young Road, Turner County


There’s no place better than an old South Georgia dirt road to unwind from the worries of the world.



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8 responses to “Young Road, Turner County

  1. emtburks1971

    Not sure if my last comment is delayed or didnt go through. My grand parents and great grand parents were share croppers/farmers in Turner county. Youngs were my great grandparents and was wondering if you might know any history on the road name?


  2. any history on young road? my family the chathams and youngs were share croppers in turner county.

  3. Bill Davis

    Raw, juicy stolen corn eaten in the field, wet crepe myrtle blossoms–forty years ago–such heaven!

    • Victor McGough

      Windows wide open for getting cool night air. Hearing the train miles away and falling asleep to the clicking of the wheels. Done many times. Another heaven

  4. Judy Corley

    Oh, the stories a Georgia dirt road can tell! Sit quietly and wait and the past will come and sit beside you. And then the stories begin…

  5. absolutely. dirt roads are someone’s path that the rest of Georgia hasn’t found. “The road less commuted…” or something like that. Thanks for the great photo; I’m glad to see all the rain this year hasn’t gone to waste.

  6. Victor McGough

    Spending all my childhood summers in Dooly County was like being Huckleberry Finn. I loved when I was driven down a red clay road for many reasons too numerous to list here. The first time I visited Dooly County as an adult all of the rural red clay roads had been paved. I miss them unpaved

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