Moody’s Bar-B-Q, Woodbine


The old Moody’s Bar-B-Q on U.S. Highway 17 in Woodbine is a true landmark of Southeast Georgia. According to Terry Proctor, who shared the vintage photo below, it was the standard by which all barbeque in the area was judged for many years. The photo was originally posted in a Woodbine page on Facebook by someone in the Moody family, I believe. As soon as I have the specifics, I’ll credit it, but I just wanted to share because it’s such a great old place full of so many memories for people. I’d guess the photo is late 1960s or early 1970s.


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10 responses to “Moody’s Bar-B-Q, Woodbine

  1. Felicia Pittman

    Yes best barbeque ever no one could touch Moody’s love it miss him and the place

  2. Alondrea Hill

    This is my grandfather’s place.

  3. Teresa McCarty

    I would love a copy of this pic. I have a friend with cancer who loved this place. Would love for him to have a copy.

  4. Jessie Johnston

    Who took the top picture of the Moodys BBQ place? It looks like the ones I took, a couple you can find at

  5. Seth Turner

    Moody’s was the best Bar-B-Q that I have ever eaten and I have eaten a lot of BBQ. The sauce was heavenly ! Nothing compares.

  6. Love the graphics and early commercial vernacular of this building…

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