Confederate Monument, 1911, Jeffersonville

Jeffersonville GA Twiggs County Confederate Memorial Monument CSA Civil War Abandoned Commercial Storefronts Robinsons Fried Chicken Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

Its location away from the courthouse square long a source of controversy, Twiggs County’s confederate memorial is located on Georgia Highway 80 across from the courthouse. Russ Huffman and Tommy Fountain, with the help of the Lt. James T. Woodard SCV Camp 1399, have attempted unsuccessfully for at least a decade to have it moved to a more appropriate location.

Text of the Monument:

To the Twiggs County Soldiers and Those who Sacrificed All to Establish the Independence of the South 1861 – 1865


Twiggs Volunteers – Capt. Jas. Folsom – 4th Ga. Reg.


Twiggs Guards – Capt. Jas. Barclay – 6th Ga. Reg.


Faulk Invincibles – Capt. E. S. Griffin – 26th Ga. Reg.


Slappey Guards – Capt. U. A. Rice – 48th Ga. Reg.


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3 responses to “Confederate Monument, 1911, Jeffersonville

  1. Billy Humphries

    The Confederate statue has now been moved and prominently placed on courthouse square, thanks to efforts by the SCV (Son’s of Confederate Veterans) who raised funds to move numerous confederate statues and monuments to more secure and more appropriate locations. Regarding Peggy Anderson’s comments…… the disagreement over placement of the monument was reportedly over a disagreement between families who lost sons to the war and a family or families who did not send their son’s but supported the war effort with supplies and money. Both were important, of course, but the argument of a spilled blood sacrifice prevailed over a sacrifice of money to support the war…. So, the courthouse lost a statue at the turn of the century…. 100 years later the statue now has a more respectable resting place. At least this is the local legend. It is fact, not legend, that the names on the statue are all those of white soldiers.

  2. Glenda Nobles

    Move the statue to the Courthouse. That is a more appropriate place and a place of prominence! My great grandfather Jackson Nobles was one of those brave soldiers!!!

  3. Peggy Anderson

    It is strange that there is so much controversy in the location of this monument. Had there not been a lot of “controversy” in 1911, the Daugheters of the Confederacy would have placed it on the courthouse lawn where a black granite base was already installed for it. Because of the issues they had to pick another area and since Highway 96 was at that time the main “drag”, they placed it there. I wish I could remember more of my Georgia history, but it seems to me the issue at the time was that there were African American names on the monument, therefore, it not being accepted at the courthouse. (By the way, I hope you photographed the Richland Baptist Church while you were in the area.) Thanks for sharing.

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