Macon, Dublin & Savannah Depot, 1904, Jeffersonville

Macon Dublin & Savannah Depot 1904 Jeffersonville GA Twiggs County Restored for City Hall Police Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

This is now restored and used as the city hall and police department. The Macon & Dublin Railroad was chartered in 1885 and withing a few years Savannah was added to the name to attract investors. Since the Central of Georgia already ran to Savannah, albeit via a more northerly route, the main attraction of the MD&S was a more direct route to Savannah, passing through Vidalia. This distinction earned the shortline the nickname “The Vidalia Route”.  And Vidalia was the end of the line for the railroad, as it never made it to Savannah. The Atlantic Coast Line took over the MD&S in 1904. Luckily, Jeffersonville was historic-minded enough to save this rare relic.

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One response to “Macon, Dublin & Savannah Depot, 1904, Jeffersonville

  1. Victor MGough

    On the same trip from Macon to Dublin, a train passed us and the engine had Macon Dublin & Savannah printed on the side. My uncle told me MD&S really stood for Make a Day & Stop.

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