Abandoned Store, Holt



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5 responses to “Abandoned Store, Holt

  1. Bill Hoover

    Wonder if that’s a thermometer on left front and if it still works?

  2. wendell theus

    Hi Brian, these type country stores ( I guess you could say the early version of today’s quick markets) were quite common here in S. Ga. at most crossroads or major (dirt road) intersections. Now up town, a little different story. They were known by many names (shot house, hooch joint, bootlegger). This might be some explanation for their construction. Windows on front and side or back windows might be used to hand out the (product) (shine, white lightning, corn whiskey). Usually a front door and a back door, maybe a hidden door or escape door in floor. Steep, sloping hip-type roof (hard for the law or revenewers) to climb or sneak up on the establishment operators. Different time and place, still nice to document. Thanks

  3. hesmine1

    The hip roof is different, isn’t it? I guess I always expect to see a porch…. Wonder where they gathered to sit and talk?

  4. hesmine1

    What a neat building… love the windows on the front!

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