Major & Mary Fuller House, Irwin County


Wisteria has nearly strangled this old farmhouse, which is only visible in winter. Jane Tucker Gentry notes that it was owned by the Troup family but was home for many years to Major & Mary Fuller.


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5 responses to “Major & Mary Fuller House, Irwin County

  1. Nancy

    I found interesting as my maiden name is Troup.

  2. Kilby Hanna

    These pictures are just beautiful, they make me sad too. I guess bittersweet would be the word I’m looking for. Thank you for taking them.

  3. wendell theus

    Tremendous photos Brian, this makes me think of the eternal battle of man and nature and given time nature will usually win. Sad to see these old structures ending their usefulness.

  4. Jane Tucker Gerntry

    The house in the above pics belonged to the Troup family, the people living there were Mary and Major Fuller. I stopped by many times to get her to iron for me. I would pay her and send her home with a bag or two of goodies for them. They were just poor tenant workers that had gotten to old to do farm work, I think about them in those rocking chairs on the front porch many times. We were different colors but our blood and pride were the same.

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