John “Duffy” Rogers House, 1850s, Evans County


In his book Houses of Heart Pine: A Survey of the Antebellum Architecture of Evans County, Georgia (2001) Pharris DeLoach Johnson notes that this house was already built when purchased by Uriah Rogers in 1856. Rogers gave the house to his son James, who then sold it to his brother, John “Duffy” Rogers, Evans County’s longest-surviving Confederate veteran. Thirteen of his twenty children were born here to his first two wives, Laura Blitch of Blitchton who died here during childbirth in 1883, and Melvina Hearn. John Rogers lived here until 1891, when he built the large home seen in the next post. It is in immediate danger as the back roof is collapsing and this important house will soon be lost if not stabilized.



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10 responses to “John “Duffy” Rogers House, 1850s, Evans County

  1. gayle jolluck


  2. Mag

    Were anyone of them kin to Gillis C Rogers

  3. Jeanne

    Hello Brian – I found your site while looking for info about St. Simon’s Island. I was reading an old book of my mother’s by Eugenia Price, an author who had a house built on the island in 1967, and I was wondering if it is still there. She called it Dodge House; all I know about an address is that it was on rural route 4, Frederica. I would assume that there has been a massive amount of development on the island since then…. just curious. If you can give me any information, I’d appreciate it!


    John was my great grandfather.  He and other living confederate soldiers were honored with a trip to Washington in I believe the ’50’s.  My cousin B. E  Smith, Jr. accompanied him on a special train, and wrote a lovely story describing the trip. Two of the old fellows died during the trip.  Gayle 


  5. Cracker (Vernacular) at its best.

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